THE NUNS OF CURZON PARK have experienced a peripatetic life since their foundation within the Anglican Church in 1868. They moved to Chester in 1988, having first lived in Feltham, Middlesex, moving to Twickenham when the lease expired, and then to Malling Abbey, Kent, due to the kindness of their Associate Charlotte Boyd. Mother Hilda Stewart, the first abbess died there in 1906. The community was not in a good state and was revived by the appointment of Sister Scholastica Ewart.

By this time a former Oblate of the Benedictine nuns at West Malling, Benjamin Fearnley Carlyle, was engaged in founding a monastic community for men. These monks moved to Caldey, and our community went to Milford Haven. Father Aelred Carlyle and Mother Scholastica were both attracted to the Catholic Church, and most members of both communities were received into the Catholic Church in 1913.

Changes of circumstance, the increase in the number of nuns in the community, meant another move was necessary, this time to Talacre Abbey in North Wales. In 1921 the community became part of the EBC. Subsequent decline both in numbers and living conditions led to another move in 1988, this time into the suburbs of Chester. During twenty-four years in Chester the community has established a flourishing small retreat house, a Chapel was built in 1997, and a new wing was built to replace the temporary annexe and finished in 2005. The garden, although small, is a very attractive area, full of wild life, with a small meadow of wild flowers and seeds. Bumblebees and other insects are always present during the warmer months.

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