May 2019

4th May


The weather has been fluctuating for several weeks

between rain and sunshine.

The trees have leaves again

so we cannot see the distant Welsh hills.

Small grey squirrels come to eat

the bread I have broken for them and for the birds.

It is very cold today.

Our beautiful tulips have shed their petals.



9th May

 The weather here has become very cold

yet the trees bear fresh leaves.

The foxes come for food,

waiting patiently in the early morning

and when the day dims at night.

They too need food to feed their cubs.


The dull day hides the Welsh Hills.

Trees sway in the wind and birds chirp

in the trees sheltering our garden.

We are fortunate indeed

to have a garden  which shelters us.


I received a card today from a friend.

On the envelope there was a stamp with

a portrait of a cat by Leonardo da Vinci.



Da Vinci?s face is very interesting,

with a certain intensity.


Laburnum Walk in our garden.

20th May

The weather has become very hot

and we seek shade in the garden to cool us down.

Ducks and drakes fly overhead

and a couple usually land in our lower pool.

In the distance there is the sound

of lawn - mowers.


A gentle breeze moves the leaves

on the sun-drenched trees.

Even our cat called


hides in the shade.




The hot days have passed

and the branches of trees  are now

peacefully swaying in the wind.

The weather is inconsistent,

rather like us !

But each change can be a blessing.


Young squirrels come down

from their trees and forage for food.

Are we perhaps the equivalent

of a form of

self-service for them ?

Some perch on the the wooden benches

sheltered under trees....