January 2019

Edith Borio is an older cousin of mine.

She was born and brought up in Brazil

where she contributes to a calendar each year.


I had scarcely finished writing the above

when the calendar for 2019 arrived by airmail....

accompanied by a card from Edith.

Her contribution was on the page for August.


Tuesday 8th January

The sky has been overcast for several days.

The gulls have been sitting on adjacent roofs

waiting patiently, watching every movement

of mine as I scatter the bread broken for them.

As I turn away they land  - shrieking loudly -

on the green grass.

Silence follows almost at once......

and the waiting continues.

A herring gull keeps watch ....


The bare trees make delicate patterns

against the dull winter sky.

A hymn for the Epiphany

When Christ was born, God sent a star,

A sign of hope whence light should spring,

And Israel’s glory shine for all,

For pagan and for pilgrim - king.

He is the Father’s only Son

On whom the Spirit came to rest,

Who was baptised to cleanse our sins:

The Lamb of God and Saviour blest.

He is the anchor of our soul

And shares with us his life divine;

For sadness he exchanges joy,

As water he once changed to wine.

We praise the Father, Lord of life,

And Christ his well-beloved Son,

Who with the Spirit is our peace:

Most tranquil Trinity in One.

From the Stanbrook Hymnal

10th January

The weather remains very cold.

The windows are adorned with

variously sized drops of water

while ladybirds

form clusters in dry areas



14th January

After days and nights of high wind,

followed by torrential rain,

the garden has become still again.

Some of us found it difficult to sleep

during this assault by howling wind.

I am now able to feed the gulls who,

having returned, keep watch

from various roofs ....


17th January

My mind closes itself from time to time.

I want to write but all inspiration has flown.

The fierce wind and rain have returned ......

It is still dark at 6.30 a.m.

but the gulls will appear with the dawn.


The sun began to shine a few hours later.

Our gardener Dave arrived

 and worked quietly in the garden.

He is a kindly person and enjoys being here.


The trees are standing still,

enjoying the sunshine,

and beyond them we can see the Welsh Hills.

The weather remains cold

and those who venture outside

wear jackets and gloves ....


The first daffodils are in bud

but need more time to both grow and glow !


Frost in late January


Sunday 27th January

The wind howled all through the night

making sounds like the waves of the sea.

It is bitterly cold outside.

Yesterday Sister Catherine

took a photograph of some seagulls

eating the soft bread I had broken for them.

I hope they will come again today

when the  wind is no longer so turbulent.

Most of the nuns are wearing

warmer clothing !



Wishing you every blessing

and the comfort of warmer weather .....