November 2018



 Card design by Mikki Butterley


It is now the 6th of November.

After several evenings of

fire-works, which did not last very long,

we have now entered a quiet period.


Our guest-house was full of visitors,

and now other guests are due.

Some single guests will stay

in Saint Joseph’s, close to our Chapel,

while others - seeking a short period alone -

 will be in Emmaus.


Autumn is finally declaring its presence

with falling leaves and periodic sunshine.

The intermittent rain and sunshine

seem to echo the state of our world.


Our local grey squirrels, perched on trees

close to our Chapel,

dropped empty seed cases

on the Chapel roof while we were at prayer.

I think we all rather enjoyed that -

especially if the service went on too long !



Photograph by Sister Clare

9th November

The day is overcast.

Only a few branches of the tall trees

are swaying gently, allowing their golden leaves

to fall to the ground.

Many years ago, for remembrance,

 I painted this view from an upstairs window.




10th November

This account was put together by Sister Christopher.

 “The gale arrived but once here it really took off.

It lasted well into the night.

It was accompanied by lashings of rain,

which we heard while silently

eating our supper in the refectory.

Rain battered down on a perspex roof

which joined both our house and our freezer area

to the laundry.

Apparently by the time our ‘gale’ - wind 49 miles an hour -

had crossed the Pennines it had become a storm,

raging at 60 miles per hour.

 Today our garden is covered with golden leaves ....

 These days the BBC Met.Office gives ‘Weather Warnings’

to prepare people for disruptions or hazardous conditions.

The warning for South Wales last night was bleak:

“South Wales will be flooded”

and it was.


 14th November

This has been an unexpectedly

busy morning.

Dave and his name-sake came to clear away

the remnants of carpets which had been removed yesterday...

Warren  came to check some of the doors

 which had become

almost immovable during the carpet changing process.

His wife Sharon stayed in the van

quietly doing paper-work.

Warren also secured the chair-lift ...



Sister Clare asked if she could call someone

 to assess the drains .......

He  proved to be a very thoughtful man,

who had been here before.

All these things were duly done

and a measure of tranquillity

returned by mid morning !



Friday 16th November

The gulls continue their quest for food,

making loud squawking calls

which are quite unnerving !

The day is dull and clouded,

with the trees slowly moving a few branches

against a dull sky.


 Sunday 25th November

 Our beautiful trees have mostly shed their leaves.

A few are touched by the wind

against a sky hiding the Welsh Hills.


It is the season when the local gulls

are questing for food, waiting on various roof-tops

 for the breaking of bread.


While I break the bread for the gulls

I think of  Our Lord at the Last Supper,

when the bread was shared with His disciples

It is now shared with us ....


Yet autumn too heralds

both death and new life - now hidden in the earth

and awaiting its own resurrection.


The gulls have their own ‘look-outs’

to alert  their companions

that the  bread which sustains  life

is now being scattered for them.....



Wishing you every blessing

for this coming Advent.