July 2019



The hot weather of the last few days

has limited our creative ability.

We sit in our cells listening to birds

chirping or arguing,

and do nothing much ourselves !

It was very good to receive the card

of  Shropshire Sheep -

it has stimulated my interest ....


The Welsh hills are obscured

by our flourishing trees.

Squirrels come to eat the bread broken

for the birds - and themselves -

and sit on their hind legs while eating.

It rained a little today but now the sun is shining.




 The day is overcast.

Our gardener Dave is trying to clear

  the leaves from our lower pond.

The humidity is intense ....

It is almost impossible to think clearly

in this sort of weather.


The Welsh hills are hidden

behind our tall trees and - for once -

the trees are completely still.

That in itself is a blessing !



One of our Hymn Books contains the following verses:


Eternal Trinity of Love

In peace and majesty you reign,

All things come forth from you alone,

To you they must return again.


Creation lives and breathes in you,

Sustained by your almighty will ;

Grant us to know you, God of Truth,

In whom the questing mind is still.


Our Father, in the name of Christ,

Unceasingly your Spirit send ;

Be with us, everlasting God :

Fulfil your purpose to the end.


We  praise you, Godhead, One in Three,

Immortal Trinity of light;

Unchanging through eternal days,

You live unmoved, serene in might.


 We are now in the middle of July.

The rain is cascading down

and the sky is sombre.

I was able to feed the birds and squirrels

early this morning

but once the heavy rainfall started

they disappeared.


The rain bounces on the flat roof

adjacent to my room.

The torrential rain makes

circular patterns on it.

I enjoy watching them.

It looks as though the birds

enjoy it too !




I sit at my computer, wondering what to write

but nothing comes to mind ....


There is no sound of bird song and the sky is over-cast.


We seem to be in an over-shadowed area

where even the birds wait for a signal

to begin their songs.

 The trees are still .....

Everything seems to be waiting

for sunshine and warmth. 


 Although the following stamp

depicts a disaster

of several centuries ago

it can none the less remind us

of the horrific tragedies

which still occur  in the world today.