April 2019


 Glimpses of Eden

Jonathan Tulloch


Spring arrived in the form of the seagull

flying low into the teeth of the gale.

Though a storm was engulfing the whole country,

and damaging gusts whipped the wintry river white,

the black-headed gull flying upstream

towards us was in its glorious

breeding plumage.

All winter, this bird has had a white head,

but in the past few weeks its “hood”

has taken on the dark chocolate plumage

we all know and love ......




 Several years ago I wrote the following poem,

which has been printed in



A Spiritual Journey


Be still and know that I am God.

In the ground of your being I have my home

so do not seek me in the world apart.

Within your spirit true communion lies.

You are no homeless stranger in a land afar

no alien in a foreign shore

for I am with you.

Do but be still and know that I am God.

I look upon the world with your dark eyes

I feel the flowing air on your cool cheek

I hear the twittering in the moving trees

for with your senses I perceive.

I am with you, I am within you.

So do not turn away but come to rest in me.

Within you is our meeting place.

But be still, and I will speak in silence

to your loving, wayward heart.

 Dame Paula Fairlie OSB


 Feast Day Flowers


 Quotation from

THE TABLET 30 March 2019

Pope Francis is clear that Lenten and lifelong conversion

“ asks everything of us”.

Conversion asks for change in mind, heart and even body;

perhaps even to the extent of losing our lives.

However, Pope Francis is equally clear

that conversion will not cost happiness,

will not cheat us of human fulfilment.

Happiness hinges on holiness.

True human happiness needs healing and hope

that holiness holds out;

holiness helps us to become fully human ......

The goal of conversion is communion

with God and others.

Repentance is a turning to holiness,

returning to receive

“ the happiness for which we were created”.

Holiness is the hall mark of authentic happiness.





 Wallflowers in our garden


  The queen bumblebee flew-round and round me.

She thought my blue jacket was a flower.

After months of hibernating

in a little underground hole,

the huge bee was ravenous.

Fortunately, an equally eye-catching

dandelion patch grew nearby.

Abandoning the brightly coloured

but nutrition-less jacket,

she buzzed over to the dandelions,

and commenced feeding.....



 Jonathan Tulloch


April seems to be an unstable month.

Rain continues to fall -

and then the sun shines.

The birds quest for food

for their newly hatched young

and fly away with beaks full of soft bread.


It is cold outside, and the bare trees stand still.

The Welsh hills stand hidden.

The daffodil season is almost over

and now some tulips are in bloom.




The rain has ceased to fall for several days.

The garden birds are diligently feeding their nestling

on some of the fresh bread

which is broken up for them every morning.


The garden is full of flowers.

The tiny blue forget-me-nots 

are a special delight.


We are now heading towards Palm Sunday.

O Cross of Christ, immortal tree

On which our Saviour died,

The world is sheltered by your arms

That bore the Crucified.