June 2019

Our window panes have been streaming

with raindrops for several days.

The swaying  branches of trees

moved by the wind are comforting,

resembling mothers caressing their

young children.


Today the weather is overcast

and we cannot see the distant Welsh Hills.


 After days of a howling  gale - force wind

 I can now feed the birds, and at night - time

watch the foxes eating the food prepared for them.

It must have been a hard time

 for many creatures both here and elsewhere.


Our gardener Dave  has returned

after recovering from an infection

high up on his right arm.

It was very good to see him again.



 The trees are no longer swaying in the wind.

It is very cold outside.

Tiny squirrels come down from their trees

to join the birds

in a bread-eating competition !

It is good to see the harmony

in their mutual acceptance.


The Welsh Hills have become invisible.



21st June

 Many days have come and gone

since I last wrote something

for the Monthly Diary.

Today began with warm sunshine

before clouding over.


My week in the kitchen has been peaceful,

for which I am grateful.


Many years ago

some garden insects

inspired some lovely designs

 which I could not emulate !



 It is now late afternoon

and walking in the garden

makes one feel

 as though summer has finally come ...

Even the cats seek a shady place

in which to rest.


I look forward to cooler days -

let them come soon !



22nd June

We awoke to the sound of  bird-song

and the glimpse of a hungry fox.

No sooner had I turned my back -

after placing out  food  for both fox and birds -

when the fox emerged from behind the bushes !

It reminded me of Adam and Eve

hiding from God ......


Some of our Sisters are now wearing

their summer habits whilst others

are still in their winter clothing ....

I shall soon have to decide which is preferable!


The roses in our garden are beautiful,

even while shedding their petals.





Now and always.