The days have passed rapidly

with periods of sunshine

and longer periods of rain.

Our garden has had a positive reaction.

 with shubs and flowers thriving.


The Welsh hills lie hidden behind tall trees.

When the wind blows our trees

perform their own dance

with superb ease ....


Our fruit trees are not so fortunate.

Most of the apples drop on the grass

where the birds peck at them .

I don?t think that any of the nuns

would enjoy them in that state !


One of our largest trees had to be felled

and Dave, our gardener,

arranged some of the logs

as artistic models !

The others logs he shared with his

co - worker for bonfires etc..


At present the trees are still.

We shall have to wait and see

what happens later in the year.


 "How necessary it is to cultivate a spirit of  joy?

It is a psychological truth that the physical acts

of reverence and devotion

make one feel devout. The courteous gesture

increases one?s respect for others.

To act lovingly is  to begin to feel loving,

and certainly  to act joyfully

brings joy to others which in turn

makes one feel joyful.

I believe we are called to the duty of delight."



The day has been overcast

 and mist masks the Welsh hills.

 The birds are not singing

Is  winter declaring its coming ?

 Yesterday was bright and sunny

and the cats found shelter under some shady bushes.



 A pattern of real figs, which we can pick and enjoy

in our garden.

Fresh figs are very appetising .....


 The rain and the wind have died down

but the air has become much colder.

The trees stand still, perhaps waiting

for more wind and rain

in which  they can sway as if in a dance ....




 The Welsh Hills have disappeared.

Our  trees have leaves of all different colours,

somehow uniting both Spring and Autumn.



The early morning darkness veils the garden

and we have to await sunrise.


 The sun is shining brightly while

a few small branches sway gently on the taller trees.

Autumn is beginning........


Our gardeners are working carefully

preparing  the garden for Autumns fall ,winters sleep,

and for Springtimes new growth.