March 2019

March Hare


10th March

The month began with days

we formerly called “April Showers”.


Our garden birds have waited until

the gulls  have  been fed

and then diligently searched for any remnants.

In another part of the garden

the smaller birds have their hanging baskets

of seeds.


The weather has been cold,

and we are all still wearing  winter clothing.



Almond Blossom and Swallow


12th March

Glimpses of Eden

Jonathan Tulloch

I’m sitting outside with a cold drink

on the hottest February day on record,

and although the sky is forget-me-not blue

and the sun is wonderful, it’s not right.

I‘m not the only one to feel this.

A winter heatwave ?

Nature has always been a joy for me,

fascination, poetry and recreation,

but we cannot lie to ourselves:

our planet is weary, she is ill .....

And in the bee’s buzz,

I hear again the call for us never to give in,

never despair, but do whatever we can

for our ailing mother Earth.



A Magnolia Tree

in our garden


The local gulls are now all wearing black caps

in preparation for the summer.

They come less frequently now

and before long they will not come at all.

It has been a joy to see them and feed them.


Our garden birds seem to be flourishing

and before long their young will be with us.

We are very fortunate in having these

lovely birds.



 Painting of a Blue tit


The last few days have been punctuated

by howling wind and periods of heavy rain.

The seagulls  have now flown away.

Branches are breaking off

from old garden trees

and many more may follow.

The rain pours down both night and day......


High wind and rain continue.

The Welsh hills are invisible.

The sky is a now a pale white

and only a few birds come to be fed.

The trees have a dance of their own

and sway to the rhythm of the wind ....



Our garden on the edge of winter


 A Quotation from Caryll Houselander

In the wilderness Christ experienced the temptation

that faces everyone today.

The temptation to the ideals of materialism,

presumption and power:

“Bid these stones turn into loaves of bread.”

It is all too easy for us, shocked by the world’s

hunger, to think that bread only -

material good - is happiness.

Easier because we know that if we do not feed

the hungry we shall will surely hear Christ’s voice saying:’’

“I was hungry and you did not give Me to eat.”

It is good to work for material bread,

to be grateful for it, but bad to be satisfied by it,

terrible to be sated by it -

not to hunger for the love that gives life,

to be content to live without wonder,

impotent in the eternal arms .....

Only love can give life.

Only Christ’s love can redeem and forgive and illumine.

Only Christ’s love can quicken the world with new life.

Love is given only in man’s gift of himself ....

Christ had only  Himself to give.

He has given Himself to us, that we may love the world

with His love and that the world may live.




An embroidered design

by Sister Monica