August 2019


This has been a strange month

with weather fluctuating between hot and cold.

We had one stormy night

with lighting flashes and bursts of thunder.

It was almost impossible to sleep.

Now the trees sway in the wind in a colder breeze

and the sky is overcast.

Other days and nights were lashed with rain.

Sometimes the night sky was illuminated by a full moon

which quickly faded.



The flowers in our garden are beautiful.

Some of them have been beaten down by wind or rain.


At present the Welsh hills are invisible

and rain - once again - is lashing down.

We are fortunate living in such an area.

I have always enjoyed watching the rain

running down window-panes.


Roses in Uetersen

my home town.


 Our roses are still partially in bloom

and bees buzz around them.

It is wonderful to see how Nature continues

to provide food for insects.

Too often human beings ignore

the work which insects do on their behalf.


The trees are now swaying in the wind

and we can no longer see the distant

 Welsh Hills.


Just where are those Welsh Hills...


 The weather has turned quite cold.

Wind howls both during the day and during the night.

More gulls have come for bread

while a herring gull waits patiently on a high roof.

Autumn is on its way ...



The still patience of the herring gull

reveals an ability to wait in hope.


It is now early afternoon and one can hear

the sound of lawn mowers.

The trees sway as the wind blows.


 We are now approaching Autumn,

with many varitions of flowers still visible.


 The weather has become very warm - or hot !

This can make it difficult to think.

Dave has arrived wearing a T-shirt

with short sleeves -

 relishing being alone.


There is now a certain stillness in our garden.

 The trees are standing quietly,

not making any movement.


 Some insects fly around seeking nectar

and a welcome shade.


August can be a very hot month

but stillness lessens the heat.