October 2018

The sky is overcast and the trees

sway gently in the breeze, heralding autumn.

The weather has turned colder...

The magpies in the garden forage for the bread

which I have broken for our garden birds.

They are joined by gulls, eager to share in the morning’s bounty.



Autumn flowers in our garden.


The trees are in their autumn beauty,

The woodland paths are dry,

Under the October twilight the water

Mirrors a still sky.

  William Butler Yeats.


 4th October

Quotation from


by Jonathan Tulloch


“ I sat beneath the apple tree

in the September evening sunshine.

The branches were filled both with sunlight

and the golden flowers

of the late blooming clematis.

Growing all the summer

the clematis has been sending

its tendrils into the apple tree .....”


 11th October

For now, autumn has not made

much impression on our garden.

Most of our trees and shrubs

flourish still, and apples continue to ripen

amid green leaves.

Today the wind is blowing

branches in different directions

against a white sky.


Rain  falls like intermittent April showers

in the early morning darkness

when broken bread is scattered for the birds.

Later in the day - at nightfall -

food is put out for the local foxes

who come here questing.

They trust us and silently eat the food

 provided for them.


The weather undulates -

one moment it is cold and wet

and the next day the weather is warm.

We are indeed fortunate

to live within a monastic enclosure .....


14th 0ctober

We have had torrential rain

during the last few days.

Every thing in the garden is sodden.

We ventured outside in protective clothing

while the rain drummed-down.

Today seems a little more hopeful ....

or does it ?



Photograph of part of our garden

with wet paving stones .....





THE TABLET 13th October 2018


Pope Paul VI and Oscar Romero


19th October

The autumn days are slowly

becoming shorter.

Leaves are falling gently.....

 Some old tree branches

fall to the ground when

the wind is stronger.

Grey squirrels are  joining the birds in

questing for the fresh bread

I have broken up for them and other needy wildlife.


Photograph taken by Sister Clare

of a grey squirrel in our yew tree.


22nd October

  The wind has died away and the sun shines

but it remains cold outside.


Selected verses from



 The day is filled with splendour

When God brings light from light

And all renewed creation

Rejoices in his sight.


The Father gives his children

The wonder of the world

In which his power and glory

Like banners are unfurled.


With every living creature,

Awaking with the day,

We turn to God our Father,

Lift up our hearts and pray.


Wishing you every blessing

this autumn and always.