Reflections by the Cross


Reflections by our Calvary.

Did day dawn fair

with a kindly sun

rising behind the tree?

And did the birds call

their spring-time song in liquid notes of hope?

He was waiting there Bruised and alone in a mocking crowd, Silent love met his gaze as he stumbled on.

Bruised and alone; tenuous the links with reality as the sun rose high......

There was stillness at noon:  the hour of oppression, He looked down in compassion, bonding us with His Mother.

Stillness, broken by a loud cry which rent the shuddering day and let the darkness in.

His sun had set.

It would arise in all

the freshness of a spring dawn.

Darkness now done,

Herald the Easter Morn!

MAY.... The rising sun filters through the branches and leaves of the courtyard trees, patterning a myriad odd shapes and shadows on the wall of my cell; sometimesstained-glass-still; sometimes shimmering shadows, but always and always filling my cell with the glory of God.

The lands of sunrise and sunset

you fill with your joy. Psalm 84: 9

As I walk along the path a squirrel dashes for the trees and startled birds utter a shrill cry.... only the cats come ambling quietly behind.

As we reach the meadow-grass their characters change. They pounce amid the long grass, leaping for insects; now they crouch and dash in wild games of chase. Just as suddenly they come to rest, peaceful and calm as a nun at prayer!

Introduction Lines to a Duck