The Chestnut Tree



             Under the spreading chestnut tree

             There is a sense of mystery

             So tall, so strong, so abiding.

             I love the peace of the chestnut tree

              When it casts its shadows over me.

              ‘Tis like God’s presence all around

          Strong and abiding.

   The desire to share what we enjoy with others is one of our

        more pleasing human

characteristics, and is expressed in this half-remembered :

I have a garden of my own

Shining with flowers of every hue.

I love it dearly when alone,

But love it more with all of you.


Occasionally “nature lovers” are also the butt for fun, as the following Limerick


There was a good nun of Chester,

May the Lord in His mercy rest her,

When she heard a tree fall

She ran through the Hall

To rescue the birds that did nest there.

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