June 2017

It is already June 6th.

The wind is howling, rain lashes down,

and we have our heating on again.

Birds were singing early this morning,

accompanied by nature’s wind instruments

and intermittent rain .....

The last few days have been similar

but even memories can be blown away !


Once again we have heard of further

terrorist attacks - another in London -

and there are plans to increase the

Metropolitan Police in Great Britain.

The General Election is due in two days’ time

but what can human beings do

to prevent these evils, other than by taking precautions?


Ostriches, once upon a time,

were unfairly thought to

‘hide their heads in the sand’ when danger approached.

In fact, the young birds

were making sure that the eggs

laid by older females were regularly turned over

to avoid over-heating so that they would hatch

at the right time.

Perhaps this is what is happening now

in all the countries threatened by terrorism ...

through slow, laborious, hidden work as security police

strive to prevent untimely death.


The wind continues to howl,

while leafy trees move their branches to the rhythm

of the wind, swaying and obscuring the sky

while raindrops slide down the window-panes.


Roses in bloom May 2017

before the wind swept the petals away


14th June

The General Election was over some days ago

but the UK is facing an uncertain future.


Torrential rain has encouraged growth in our garden.

Hedges are being trimmed and grass has been cut.

A black-backed gull flew in for food some days ago.

Some days later, on 18th of June, three lesser black-backed gulls

joined a herring-gull and pigeons questing for food.

They are smaller than herring gulls and are also migratory birds.

The weather is now unseasonably hot.


When I accidentally came across the following text from

2nd July 2015 I had to smile:

“Indoor desk fans are gently moving their heads

from side to side, keeping us cool and moderately calm!

We have had the hottest summer days for some years

and our clothes are clinging to our bodies.

It was far worse in Italy in the late 1960s.

Here it is a mere 31 degrees centigrade outside

but any practical work makes us more than damp!

Our gardener is now mowing the grass,

which was briefly studded with small clover flowers,

and even the occasional buttercup.

It has been an unusually good growing season.

Now the earlier flowers have been uprooted,

and the peonies - pink, red and white - are in full blown.

Roses are in flower but the petals fall swiftly,

leaving the lovely hearts exposed.

Bumblebees spend most daylight hours

flying from flower to flower, searching for nectar

while their third pair of legs gathers pollen.

(I hope it is the third pair - my eyesight is not always reliable!)

Rain started falling this afternoon:

it was bliss to walk in the refreshing cool of the garden.

Our clay soil is deeply cracked.

I wonder what dwells in the cracks?”


The present temperature is not so high

but we feel far too warm and clammy for comfort

and eagerly await more rain !


24th June

I began my religious life in Florence on the

liturgical feast day of John the Baptist in 1966.

My Sisters, the Suore Montalve, still remember me

and send us parcels every Christmas.

I am always amazed, and deeply touched,

by such faithful friendship.


Our cat, Goldie, aged 14 years, showed signs of severe illness.

Our vet came this morning (Saturday) gave her an injection,

and left tablets to be administered morning and evening.

She shows signs of marked improvement,

and now purrs contentedly on my bed.

It is now 28th June and hope remains

that she will be with us for some more time yet.



The weather is also much cooler

and the ducks and drakes are moulting.

I leave meat-based cat food on a curving path

each morning for herring gulls and magpies.

Garden birds seem content with crumbled slices of bread,

and cat-biscuits softened with water.


Now the wind is up, and the sound of aeroplanes

flying over-head can sound like the rumbling of thunder.


25th June

The weather is much cooler.

The trees and bushes and flowers

are now wonderfully different

in shape and colour.

are now so diverse

The solitary grey squirrel still comes for food.


When Dave was cleaning the lower pool

he found much diversity of life -

including water-skaters - but none of the frog-spawn

seems to have become tadpoles.

Was the frog-spawn eaten by predators?


Friday 30th June 2017

The temperature has been pleasantly cool

these last few days.

The falling rain prevented the cats from going outside.

Goldie is purring on my bed

while Brunie keeps vigil at the top of the stairs.


Since my former computer, even after being repaired,

‘gave up the ghost’

I am trying to adjust to certain changes,

using my ‘resurrected’ old computer

with the excellent and patient help of

Sister Clare, our computer expert.


Brunie in her younger days !


This month is ending as it began

with days of steady rainfall.

The cats do not venture out but sit,

contentedly enough ,

in our hall-way upstairs.

Goldie’s purr competes with the computer

as I wait for the next Tesco delivery !

In our beginning is our end ....